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“Bat Boy: The Musical” is a smash hit

(Photo courtesy of: Seacoast Repertory Theater) “Seacoast Rep’s production of ‘Bat Boy: The Musical’ runs through Oct. 29

Riley Fontana
Connector Editor

The Seacoast Repertory Theater is currently running its version of “Bat Boy: The Musical.” This is a horror-comedy show that’s not for the faint of heart. The show is filled with fake blood, but there’s also a touching story that runs down its center. Based on the urban legend of a half-bat half-boy who was found in a cave in West Virginia, this musical captivates its audience from the first scene all the way to the curtain call.

The show follows the title character, Bat Boy, as he navigates life after being rescued from the cave and learns to be a human. The town fights back against Bat Boy and his new family, as he gains manners and the ability to speak. Both acts of the play are packed with stunning songs, performed by the incredibly talented cast backed up by a live orchestra that moves the story along perfectly.

The casting for this play was beyond perfect; everyone embraced the characters they were playing from leading to ensemble roles. The cast is made up of mainly local talent, with a few Broadway credits thrown in. The cast truly brought this play to life, especially the ensemble. The ensemble was always doing a little more than they had to, which helped bring the show and characters to a whole new level.

The make-up and costuming department also hit every mark they had. There were life-like bruises but also perfect comedic touches to the costumes, such as the sheriff’s sort-of shorts. Every character’s costume felt realistic and accurate to who they were supposed to be. The make-up team also had to deal with a few gallons of fake blood when bringing the show to life. There was not a single character who did not leave the stage painted red at some point. The props department also got to show off during this performance. From a fake cow’s head to rubber frying pans, there was not a single prop out of place.

The Seacoast Repertory Theater is a small and intimate theater that makes the viewing experience even more special for hosting a show like this. The audience felt as though they themselves were town members dealing with the newcomer in town. The theater also built an incredible set using large planks of wood to create the feeling of being in a broken box. Inside of the staggered wood appeared to be a bat with wings spread and eyes wide. The theater utilized all its departments to their fullest potential.

Everything about this musical is stunning. There is the perfect blend of horror and comedy along with some drama and shock. The cast enraptures everyone in the audience to make them feel like a part of the story, and the people behind the scenes are working overtime to make this show as perfect as it is. There is blood and gore, but the show is also a touching story about acceptance at the heart of this musical.

“Bat Boy: The Musical” will be performed at the Seacoast Repertory Theater in Portsmouth, New Hampshire through Oct. 29.

Overall Grade: A+

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