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Campus Living Series: The twin dormitories

Andre Ragel
Connector Staff

Standing outside the steps of Fox Hall, it is easy to notice the similarities between the two buildings across the street. Almost like mirror images, Leitch and Bourgeois Halls provide students with traditional accommodations that foster a friendly and studious community among its residents.

Each room in both Leitch and Bourgeois Halls come with a standard set of furniture which include a bed, mattress, chair, wardrobe and dresser. There are bathrooms and showers in each wing that are shared by the floor residents.

In the middle of each floor, there is a large common area where many students hang out at night to watch TV or do homework. A laundry room and vending machine are located in the basement of each hall. Residents have easy access to University Dining Commons in Fox Hall, located across the street.

Leitch Hall houses just over 300 freshmen co-ed students who belong in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) Living Learning Communities (LLC) of DLE (Developing Leaders in Engineering), WISE (Women in Science and Engineering), LEAF (Leaders in Environmental Advocacy of the Future) and Pre-Med.

On the other side, Bourgeois Hall houses around 300 upperclassmen co-ed students including those who live in World Passport, an LLC sponsored by the College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences that is dedicated to exploring study abroad experiences.

Many students are attracted to living in LLCs in Leitch and Bourgeois Halls because students can meet others who either take the same classes or share the same interests as them.
“It’s a building with really friendly, kind residents who are social but also very devoted to their majors. People are always studying and are helping each other out,” said PJ DeGiovanni, a resident advisor in the Pre-Med LLC.

Both Leitch and Bourgeois Halls are very accessible thanks to their prime location on East Campus. Leitch is right next to the University Avenue bridge, cutting down the distance residents have to walk in order to get to North Campus.

Leitch is also a short walk away from the East Campus bus stop, which connects students to South Campus, University Crossing and the Inn and Conference Center. Bourgeois Hall is next to the East Campus Garage where students can either park their cars or utilize Zipcars to get around.
The biggest concern residents in Leitch and Bourgeois Halls seem to have is temperature control. Some students complained how although there is a thermostat in the room, it does not seem to be responsive.

“It gets really hot in here a lot of the times, and most of the time opening the small window in our room does nothing,” said freshman Utodommony Muth.

Living in Leitch and Bourgeois Halls can save students money compared to living in most residence halls on campus because they cost the same rates as living in Fox Hall, ranging from $8,254 to $8,849 per year.

“I really liked living in Leitch. Everyone was out of their room and hanging out in the common area. It’s where I made most of my friends on campus right now,” said Andrew Carlson, a student who lived in Leitch Hall last year.

For students seeking to live the “traditional college experience,” then they cannot go wrong with living in either Leitch or Bourgeois Hall.

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