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The advatnages to living in a dorm for the 2024-25 school year

The advatnages to living in a dorm for the 2024-25 school year

(Photo courtesy of: UMass Lowell) “Students enjoying their dorm.” Shishir Javali Connector Contributor There are a lot of benefits and improvements to the residence halls, and students can enjoy the college experience, attend events, study, and live independently. For the upcoming school year, there will not be any major renovations to the residence halls. Rather,

The move from on campus to off

(Photo courtesy University of Massachusetts Lowell site) “One of UMass Lowell’s many dorming options, USuites.” Kyle Kelley Connector Contributor UMass Lowell provides a variety of different dorming options for students of all years. But as these students get closer to graduation, many of them decide to opt for off campus housing rather than traditional dorming.

University plans to return students back to campus in the fall semester

(Photo courtesy of  Umass Lowell) As of right now, students and professors are considered a part of the general population, which is on track to be able to book appointments for vaccinations starting sometime in April. Lilian Birch Connector Contributor With the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines becoming more common across Massachusetts, there are some concerns

Discussing the current state of student life and potential changes in the future

(Photo courtesy of Lounging spaces are opened up for dorming students to use as Covid rates remain low.  Merrick Tull Johnson Connector Contributer With things loosening up around campus, a lot of changes have been brought into consideration for the pleasure and safety for the students of UMass Lowell. The school incorporated rigid rules

Campus Living Series: The twin dormitories

Andre Ragel Connector Staff Standing outside the steps of Fox Hall, it is easy to notice the similarities between the two buildings across the street. Almost like mirror images, Leitch and Bourgeois Halls provide students with traditional accommodations that foster a friendly and studious community among its residents. Each room in both Leitch and Bourgeois

Commuter conundrum: The trouble with raising GPAs

The South Campus upper classmen garage is located on Broadway Street. (Courtesy of Fennick McCredie Architecture) Hannah Manning Connector Editor Tristyn Mitchell, a sophomore commuter student from Lowell, says that she wakes up two hours before her classes start each day. With a can of Red Bull tucked in her backpack, she walks 20 minutes