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Teaching career info session

(Photo courtesy of UML) “UMass Lowell offers a pathway for their students to become teachers.”

Steven O’Hara
Connector Editor

On Tuesday, March 31, UMass Lowell’s School of Education hosted an event for aspiring history and English teachers at Coburn Hall. Pizza was served and knowledge was shared with students of all majors who wanted to learn more about the different avenues for acquiring a teaching degree. The most heavily emphasized route was the Bachelor’s-to-Master’s (B2M) program.

The B2M program offered by UMass Lowell is available for all majors and consists of a diverse selection of master’s degrees. The B2M program promoted for this event was specifically for the education pathway. Dr. Patricia Fontaine, professor of education and the B2M education pathway (B2MEd) coordinator at UMass Lowell, gave more insight into the event, saying, “The event was an awareness day and recruitment day, but especially an awareness of the Bachelor’s-to-Master’s program … all across the university there are Bachelor’s-to-Master’s Programs; this one was about teacher-prep and thinking about becoming a teacher earlier on than just [in] your last year [as an undergraduate student]. [You’re r]eally thinking about it in your freshman year and then coming in and getting your master’s with us.”

Educators from Lowell High School and administrators were also present, discussing their experiences with teaching in public schools and even discussing how the B2MEd program, for those who participated in it, helped with their future success. Discussions of job opportunities, career pathways, potential salaries and everything in the realm of teaching took place during this event, providing an informative session for the students and faculty who attended. One of those students had a lot to say about what he learned from the information session. Tanner Hume, a history student at UMass Lowell and aspiring teacher, gave his insight, saying, “Obviously it changed a lot about how I thought about my career path. [B]efore this event, I just thought it would be kind of like a straight shot [to become a teacher]. But now [it’s] a little more complex—which is fine. I love the challenge. Now I get to really think about it … and really think about how I’m going to approach the process from here on out.”

This event was very educational and gave a more prospective career path for history and English majors interested in teaching and for those who have their hearts set on it. Hume, when asked about whether or not the event opened his eyes to a new career path, said, :Oh, yeah, absolutely. But it’s all about life now. I guess I’ll look into it deeper. I [have] to figure out what I have to do, and I have to really do my research because it’s going to be a ride.” The discussed B2MEd program is focused on those who are interested in teaching K-12 and acquiring a teaching license to do so.

Anyone interested in the B2M program offered by UMass Lowell should head to the UMass Lowell website for more information. This program isn’t just for English and history majors who are interested in teaching but for everyone who wants to achieve a graduate degree in one of UMass Lowell’s offered master’s programs. 

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