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Classic Game Review: ‘Digimon World 3’

Classic Game Review: ‘Digimon World 3’

There are multiple Mega-Digivolution forms available including Sakuyamon(featured above). (Photo courtesy of Bandai Entertainment) Shane Foley Connector Editor Role playing games, or RPGs for short, can prove to be one of the most difficult genres to create a video game for. Not only must the develpoer attend to the elements that make the game an

Indie Game Spotlight: Legend of Grimrock

‘Legend of Grimrock’ has sold over one million copies since it’s release in 2012.(Photo courtesy of Almost Human Studios) Brendan Jacques Connector Editor “Legend of Grimrock” is a fantasy dungeon crawler which was released by four-person indie studio Almost Human back in 2012. In the game, you play as a group of four adventurers, who

Classic Game Review: ‘Mario Kart: Double Dash’

Mario Kart: Double Dash was the fourth entry in the Mario Kart series, which began back in 1992. (Photo courtesy of Nintendo) Shane Foley Connector Editor For Nintendo fans, “Mario Kart” games have become as expected as the rise and fall of the sun each day. Bundle package for the Gamecube, bundle package for the

‘Deus Ex: Mankind Divided:’ We asked for this

“Deus Ex: Mankind Divided” is the fourth entry in the series, which began back in 2000. (Photo courtesy of Square Enix) Brendan Jacques Connector Editor For those unaware, the “Deus Ex” saga is a series of first-person stealth role-playing games set in a near-future world designed to evoke the classic sci-fi film “Blade Runner” with

The ‘Dark Souls’ series burns as brightly as ever

This is the fifth game released in the “Souls” series including last year’s “Bloodborne.” (Courtesy of Namco Entertainment) Brendan Jacques Connector Editor Since the series’ debut back in 2009, the “Souls” series has evolved into one of the most divisive and intriguing franchises ever released. While most modern video games try to appeal to as

Classic Game Review: ‘Kirby Air Ride’

Kirby rides dragoon, a secret vehicle only playable in City Mode. (Courtesy of Nintendo) Shane Foley Connector Editor Both reviewers and fans in general tend to have very strong attachments to Nintendo Gamecube games. It seems as though there is a very clear upper echelon (“Super Mario Bros Melee”, “Metroid Prime”, “The Wind Waker”, ect.)

‘Pokemon’ and ‘Tekken’ combine for a unique experience

Shane Foley  Connector Editor 2016 marks the year when the “Pokken Tournament” hype train comes to a close. A year ago, all we had was a picture of a Lucario fighting a Machamp; now, we have a full-fledged game. Being a collaboration between The Pokemon Company, Bandai Namco Entertainment and Soulcalibur producer Masaaki Hoshino, nobody

Classic Game Review: ‘Metal Gear Solid’

The number of enemies in “Metal Gear Solid” forces the player to think strategically (Photo courtesy of Konami) Shane Foley Connector Editor It is often said that “the devil is in the details.” In terms of gaming, this cliché is well known, since attention to detail can make or break the success of a game.

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