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‘Skyrim Remastered’ is a great excuse to return

‘Skyrim Remastered’ is a great excuse to return

As of June 2013, “Skyrim” has sold over 20 million copies since its release in 2011.(Courtesy of Bethesda Softworks) Syeda Nizami  Connector Contributor “Skyrim: The Fifth Elder Scrolls” game released by Bethesda is getting more attention in recent times with the release of a new remastered edition. With its original release in 2011, “The Elder

‘Rocket League:’ The little indie that could

The Rocket League National Championships were held on Saturday, November 12. (Courtesy of Psyonix) Brendan Jacques Connector Editor Soccer, but with rocket-powered RC cars. This is the core conceit behind “Rocket League,” a multiplayer sports game created by indie studio Psyonix back in July 2015, and it is a conceit that has paid off in

‘Titanfall 2’ beats the sophomore slump

“Titanfall 2” is the second release by Respawn Entertainment since its formation in 2010. (Courtesy of Electronic Arts) Andrew Haverty Connector Contributor “Titanfall 2” is the sequel to a game that was both overhyped before it was released and underrated afterwards. Even before its release it was deemed by many to be “the COD killer”, but

Classic game review: ‘Yugioh: Forbidden Memories’

Shane Foley  Connector Editor Some gamers have described certain titles as being comparable to “work.” Anybody who has done the artifact hunt in “Metroid Prime” can relate. Some games, as fun as they are, have certain aspects that require the gamer to engage in long, tedious tasks to complete the game. Think of diffusing all

‘Battlefield 1’ comes out on the warpath

“Battlefield One” is the fifteenth entry in the “Battlefield” series, which began in 2002. (Courtesy of Electronic Arts) Andrew Sciascia Connector Staff The video game industry has become so saturated with first person shooters that gamers everywhere are positively fed up with the annual combat titles. They provide the same re- tread storyline and gameplay

Nintendo flips creative Switch

“Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” has been announced for the Switch. (Courtesy of Nintendo) Sarah Noone and Shane Foley Connector Contributors After months of speculation by gamers everywhere, Nintendo finally released the first trailer of their brand new game system: the Nintendo Switch. One of the most important things to make note of

‘Mafia III’: A masterful story let down by gameplay

“Mafia III” is the first game directed by longtime “Star Wars” writer Haden Blackman. (Courtesy of 2K Games) Andrew Sciascia Connector Staff The story of La Cosa Nostra, or the Italian Mob, has been a staple in classic American film since before the time most current students at UMass Lowell were even a thought. In

‘NHL 17:’ The game hockey fans deserve

Vladimir Tarasenko was chosen as the cover athlete for “NHL 17” through a fan vote on Twitter (Image provided by Electronic Arts). Andrew Sciascia Connector Staff Imagine running into an estranged friend or family member one day in the near future to find that they have refined and matured with age. Now imagine they have

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