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‘Gotham’: Not just another Batman story

‘Gotham’: Not just another Batman story

Matthew Chase Connector Contributor The problem with superhero stories in today’s world is that they are confined to two hours. Being complex characters, it is hard to develop them within that timeframe without multiple disappointing sequels or a lack of action (then again, Michael Bay explosions don’t tell a story either). “Gotham,” the newest television

A brutal glimpse into war with new movie, ‘Fury’

Robert Shaffer Connector Contributor As I watched “Fury” in the theater, it did not take me long to realize something: I was watching a WWII movie made for the year 2014. There are no flag-waving, patriotic, idealistic scenes in “Fury” and there are no assurances that there are brighter days to come. The American soldiers

House of Stark serves up Rave of Thrones

Nick Crowley Connector Contributor As Kristian Nairn walks out on stage, “Hodor” chants fill both main floors of Prime Nightclub. The audience, dressed in their favorite “Game of Thrones” attire, cheer when he opens his DJ set with the show’s theme. The “Game of Thrones” star recently started the American portion of his Rave of

What ‘The Judge’ is really guilty of

David Rudderham Connector Editor “The Judge,” a film directed by David Dobkin and starring Robert Downey, Jr. and Robert Duvall, gets the courtroom drama genre right, but that is about it. The story involves high-powered and cynical Chicago attorney Hank Palmer who is being forced to go back to his hometown to defend his father,

‘Gone Girl’ review

Tyler Cote Connector Staff Based on the bestselling novel by Gillian Flynn, “Gone Girl” was released in theaters and it surpassed its high expectations. A combination of a riveting crime drama, psychological mind-bender and a psychopathic anecdote, the love story between Nick and Amy Dunne is one that is worth the over-buttered popcorn and three-dollar

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