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Season 4 of ‘BoJack Horseman’ falls inferior

Season 4 of ‘BoJack Horseman’ falls inferior

Season 4 of BoJack Horseman premiered July 22. (Courtesy of Owen Johnson Connector Editor When “Bojack Horseman” first started out, it sounded like a terrible idea. A ‘90s sitcom star going about his daily life as a depressed, cynical, alcoholic and washed up actor who has not done anything relevant in two decades, and

Swift’s new single is not good

Vrinda Punj Connector Contributor When Taylor Swift’s entire Instagram account was mysteriously wiped clean late last August, fans completely lost their minds. At that point, it became clear that the sweet country girl singing songs about summer love was gone entirely and replaced with a pop star whose only goal in life is to profit

Queens of the Stone Age ‘Villains’ review

‘Villains’ is Queens of the Stone Age’s seventh studio album. (Courtesy of Matador Records) Emily Toomey Connector Staff Queens of The Stone Age just released their seventh studio album titled “Villains.” They have tried a different creation compared to their normal sound, including a much groovier vibe. Known for their hypnotic guitar riffs, this album

‘Atypical’ is anything but typical

Series creator Robia Rashid previously worked on ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ (Courtesy of Netflix) Emily Toomey Connector Staff “Atypical” is breaking out into the Netflix world as a more progressive approach to television. This comedy style drama features Keir Gilchrist as an autistic high schooler named Sam, who is navigating his way through his

‘Shadowrun Dragonfall:’ A different type of RPG

The first edition of the Shadowrun tabletop game premiered in 1989. (Courtesy of Hare Brained Schemes) Bill Aghababian Connector Contributor The “Shadowrun’ RPG has long been one of the most popular systems in the tabletop genre. It features a very distinct cyberpunk setting which incorporates traditional fantasy elements such as elves and magic into a

“IT” was good

“IT” had been stuck in development since 2009. (Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures) Owen Johnson Connector Editor “IT” has so much riding against it. It is a film adaptation of a popular novel written by Stephen King; in his novels, typically the main cast is comprised entirely of child actors. In short, it is unbelievable

‘Battlegrounds’ raises the bar for competitive shooters

“PUBG” was developed by Bluehole Studios with Brendan Greene, otherwise known as PlayerUnknown, as the lead director. (Courtesy of Bluehole Studios) Brendan Jacques Connector Editor First, some context: “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” is a multiplayer third-person shooter that takes inspiration from “battle-royale”-style fiction such as “The Hunger Games.” At the beginning of each match, 100 players are

WUML speaks with Gordi about new album

Gordi spoke with UMass Lowell’s radio station WUML to discuss friendship, music and inspiration. (Courtesy of Stereogum) Christopher Romano Connector Staff Australia visited Allston in early August when Gordi performed at The Great Scott. The intimate show highlighted songs from her debut album which was released on Aug. 22. “Reservoir” is the culmination of acoustic

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