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“Snapped: The Podcast” sheds light on Greek Life

“Snapped: The Podcast” sheds light on Greek Life

(Photo courtesy of: Snapped: The Podcast) Lucy Taylor gives an in-depth look into Greek Life in ‘Snapped: The Podcast.’” Riley Fontana Connector Editor “Snapped: The Podcast” is an inside look into Greek Life and how they operate on campuses. Hosted by Lucy Taylor, an ex-sorority sister, this podcast holds nothing back. It aims to educate

HawkTalk: Greek Life making resurgence on campus

Three fraternities were established within six years of the university being open. (Courtesy of Marie Frank/Arcadia Publishing) Cassandra Milnes Connector Editor The Greek Life community went on hiatus for a few years and returned in 2012. But what happened before the fraternity brothers, sorority sisters and fraternity houses students know today? Lowell Textile Institute was

A sisterhood that fights the stigma

The members of Kappa Delta Phi N.A.S. are focused on eliminating the current stigma of sororities. (Courtesy of Ann Kurian) Ann Kurian Connector Contributor With chapters spanning across the east coast, the members of Kappa Delta Phi National Affiliated Sorority (N.A.S.) breaks down the stigma surrounding Greek Life and brings a new perspective on what

Greek Week ends big with Open Skate

Shane Foley Connector Editor “A lot more people are coming to school looking to join Greek Life,” said Kristina Murray, president of the Greek Council at UMass Lowell and member of AO, a sorority on campus. “Now, it’s more that people are seeking us out, not us seeking them out.” Friday’s Open Skate at the

Let me tell you something you don’t know

UMass Lowell Greek Life Lately on social media, Greek life at UMass Lowell has been attacked. And I don’t just mean insulted, I mean slandered. False accusations of rape have been thrown around via anonymity on YikYak. Comparing girls to animals, accusing fraternity men of drugging women, and everything in between. Let me start by