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Managing the mask mandate at UMass Lowell

Managing the mask mandate at UMass Lowell

(Photo courtesy of UMass Lowell) The mask mandate at UMass Lowell has been in place since campus has re-opened. Yarelis Puello Connector Contributor Not knowing the time and place to wear a mask is a struggle for many UMass Lowell students. Student organizers and student workers are working on ways to manage the mask mandate.

The race for diversity and acceptance on campus

Michaela Goss Connector Editor Both students and faculty said that UMass Lowell needs to take more steps to promote racial diversity and acceptance throughout the campus for both American-born and international students. The UMass Lowell community includes members from many diverse backgrounds, and some said this University has helped them feel accepted. Yet other students

Update on smoking policy and enforcement

Taylor Carito Connector Staff Just a mere two years earlier, students on campus faced clouds of smoke upon exiting buildings, walking through the gazebo on south campus, and outside their dorms. Ashtrays and littered cigarette butts could be found in every entryway. The option to smoke was everywhere, but those who didn’t were left to