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Know Your History and Shape the Future

Know Your History and Shape the Future

President Donald Trump addresses a crowd. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall) Alex DePalma UMass Lowell Student Dear editor, I write to remind my fellow students of our obligation to express dissent against the xenophobia, militarism, and economic elitism of the Trump administration. Within a few weeks, the president has confirmed his loyalty to corporate interests by appointing

The race for diversity and acceptance on campus

Michaela Goss Connector Editor Both students and faculty said that UMass Lowell needs to take more steps to promote racial diversity and acceptance throughout the campus for both American-born and international students. The UMass Lowell community includes members from many diverse backgrounds, and some said this University has helped them feel accepted. Yet other students

British debate talks about immigration in the U.S. and E.U.

 One by one, students for the opposing team began to stand, trying to get a quick word in before the argument was over. They were waved to sit down by the speaker arguing in favor of the U.S. The event was a debate against the Cambridge Union Society from England who were arguing favorably for

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