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Tornado outbreak ravages Mississippi

Tornado outbreak ravages Mississippi

(Photo Courtesy of CNN) “Damage from Rolling Fork, Mississippi, which was hit by an EF-4 tornado on March 24th.” Tanner Hume Connector Editor On Friday, March 24th, the southern United States was entangled in a tornado outbreak that spanned from Texas to South Carolina. By far, the hardest hit was the state of Mississippi, with

Discussions, donations and hard conversations: How many more until we solve gun control?

After the Las Vegas shooting, many are questioning gun control laws and are advocating for change. (Courtesy of iStock) Alex DePalma Connector Contributor I am only 25 years old, but I am already too familiar with the cycle of discussion after a mass shooting. The initial confusion and absence of answers opens a vacuum for

Zero Shades of Gray event sheds light on sexual violence

Zero Shades of Gray educates students about what consent sounds like. (Courtesy of Collegiate Empowerment) Jason Ounpraseuth Connector Staff Sexual assault on campus is a pervasive issue that can make students uncomfortable to talk about and address. Zero Shades of Gray aims to alleviate that problem while also facing the issue head on to educate

Sexual harassment survey collects data on climate on campus

Annie Ciaraldi, as Associate Dean of Compliance and Violence Protection, works to maintain a healthy climate in regard to sexual violence on campus (Emily Bergman/Connector) Emily Bergman Connector Contributor Last Monday, students received an email that asked them to complete a survey seeking data about the campus climate in relation to sexual harassment and sexual