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Journalist gives audience scoop on black media

Journalist gives audience scoop on black media

Ethan Michaeli, pictured here, is the author of “The Defender.” (Photo courtesy of Kevin Nance/Chicago Tribune) David Rudderham Connector Editor What would be the solution if it was your job to distribute a newspaper that defends black rights and culture at a time where the south was still under segregation laws? The answer: use the

What UMass Lowell is doing to prevent shootings

David Rudderham Connector Editor Faculty and students assembled in a small room with police officers to learn how to defend themselves should there ever be a tragic shooting at UMass Lowell. In that very room everyone learned the horrible truth that you are vulnerable anywhere you are on campus. The course did not just deal

Lunchtime lecture with the authors of ‘We are Market Basket’

Courtesy Photo This is the cover to Daniel Korschun’s and Grant Welker’s new book about the Market Basket boycott Taylor Carito Connector Staff The summer of 2014 marked the beginning of an unusual but revolutionary response to save a corporation. Employees, customers and even vendors lined the streets to hear the verdict at the Wyndham

Tuition, fees and the end of the price freeze

David Rudderham Connector Editor Last spring many changes came to the UMass schools, especially to UMass Lowell. Marty Meehan became president of the entire UMass system while Jacqueline Moloney took his old position as Chancellor of UMass Lowell. And of course, over the past eight years or so, the UMass schools have expanded and built

UMass Lowell’s presumed parking problems

Dave Rudderham Connector Editor School is back in session and many students have already gotten back into the traffic routine in Lowell. Now that students have finally made it to school, many are forced to confront the harsh reality of limited parking that has grown expensive. But just how limited is parking, and is it

Theater Lives through Drew Haden Taylor

Samantha Craig/Connector contributor The Theatre Arts Department presented another installment of the Theater Lives series, as internationally known Ojibwa-Canadian playwright, humorist and author Drew Hayden Taylor came to UMass Lowell to share his knowledge of playwriting. In his time on campus, Taylor gave a lecture on Aboriginal humor Wednesday afternoon, spoke to multiple classes of

The future of Downtown Lowell

(Photo/Christopher Tran/Connector) David Rudderham Connector Editor  Downtown Lowell has changed. The streets are no longer one way, lines are freshly painted and new developments continue. But has it changed much?  Most of the businesses downtown are still bars and restaurants. Some people embrace that fact and think the government should adapt to the current clientele.