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Humans of UMass Lowell: The story of Brianne Puls

Humans of UMass Lowell: The story of Brianne Puls

(Photo courtesy of  UML connector)  Humans of UMass Lowell is a project that aims to bring together the University community by sharing stories and experiences via social media. Victoria Eluskiecwicz Connector Contributor History major Brianne Puls says her favorite candle scent is lemon and that her special talent is popping her bones out. “I’m double

Students speak up after Facebook whistleblower sparks debate on mental health

Courtesy of BBC (Facebook and Instagram have been under scrutiny after anonymous surveys by UMass Lowell students reported mixed feelings on social media and its impact on mental health Julian Viviescas Connector Contributor In previous weeks, The Wall Street Journal and Facebook have been in intense debate over whether or not Instagram is “toxic.” A

Russian royal Romanovs reemerge? A royal wedding.

(Photo courtesy Charles Maynes NPR) Members of Europe’s noble families gathered to celebrate Russia’s first royal wedding since the days of the imperial monarchy. Victoria Eluszkiewicz Connector Editor Romanov wedding? The Romanovs are back with glamor, and I am loving it. Grand Duke George Mikhailovich Romanov wedded Victoria Romanovna Bettarini. Duke George is the heir

The German Count deserves more praise and recognition for his unforgettable lyrics

(Photo Courtesy of Universal Music/Erik Weiss) The band, Unheilig, began their music career in 1999 and is still active today. Victoria Eluszkiewicz Connector Editor Unheilig is an exceptional singer and arguably one of the most talented to appear in the music world. The name meaning “Unholy” in German, this German artist launched his success in

Local coffee shops aim to provide fair wages

(Courtesy of this local coffee shop is introducing higher wages for its employees by implementing a 15% fair wage fee Emily Teague Connector Contributor  Amidst the challenges of the ongoing pandemic and labor shortage that have been particularly difficult on the food service industry, Lowell coffee shops are creating and fostering workplaces that treat and

Dr. Maia Gil’Adí speaks about UMass Lowell’s progress towards honoring Indigenous people

(Courtesy of UMass Lowell) Indigenous People’s Day was celebrated on Oct. 13th  Kali Peterson Connector Contributor  On Tuesday, Oct. 5, scholar and activist, Dr. Maia Gil’Adí, spoke to students and professors of the English department about her 2020 request to administrators to change Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day on the academic calendar. She also talked about

Fan fiction is real writing , one students opinion

(Photo courtesy of Kelly Heigert/KQED)  Fan fiction is writing based on a pre-established published story. Victoria Eluszkiewicz Connector Editor You have no idea how much it annoys me to my core when people disparage fanfiction writing as “not real writing.” Fanfiction is written stories, so it’s real. I thought that was simple. Apparently, it isn’t.