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Russian royal Romanovs reemerge? A royal wedding.

Russian royal Romanovs reemerge? A royal wedding.

(Photo courtesy Charles Maynes NPR) Members of Europe’s noble families gathered to celebrate Russia’s first royal wedding since the days of the imperial monarchy. Victoria Eluszkiewicz Connector Editor Romanov wedding? The Romanovs are back with glamor, and I am loving it. Grand Duke George Mikhailovich Romanov wedded Victoria Romanovna Bettarini. Duke George is the heir

The German Count deserves more praise and recognition for his unforgettable lyrics

(Photo Courtesy of Universal Music/Erik Weiss) The band, Unheilig, began their music career in 1999 and is still active today. Victoria Eluszkiewicz Connector Editor Unheilig is an exceptional singer and arguably one of the most talented to appear in the music world. The name meaning “Unholy” in German, this German artist launched his success in

Lowell construction is driving me crazy, one students opinion on commuting within Lowell to classes

(Photo courtesy of Victoria Eluszkiewicz Connector Editor The mental pain my daily morning commute causes me is beyond description. My hands tighten and clasp on the steering wheel as I realize that the row of cars in front of me is not going to move. In vain I shout “move!” as in “hurry up,

Former U.S Ambassador to Portugal speaks on the importance and significance of U.S-Portuguese Relations

(Photo courtesy of UMass Lowell) A former ambassador to Portugal who served under President Barack Obama presented a free program for the public that examined U.S.-Portuguese relations.  Victoria Eluszkiewicz Connector Editor On March 25, UMass Lowell held a Zoom webinar, where the former U.S. ambassador to Portugal, Robert A. Sherman, held a free public talk