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Manning Business students take on IDEA Con 2023

Manning Business students take on IDEA Con 2023

(Photo Courtesy of UMass Lowell) “A business student talking to professionals at the IDEA Conference last week.” Nicholas Ewing Connector Staff IDEA Con 2023 was an opportunity for students from UMass Lowell to network with entrepreneurial students from different local universities, listen to life lessons from student entrepreneurs and learn business skills. The vibe of

The UMass Lowell MASSPIRG Chapter takes steps to make changes nationally

(Photo courtesy “The UML MASSPIRG chapter.” Kayla Jewett Connector Editor We all know how expensive college is, with the cost of living, food and the skyrocketing cost of textbooks. These are all reasons causing students to become restricted in their education. Thankfully, we have the UMass Lowell MASSPIRG Chapter, which runs campaigns to alleviate

First cultural fair from Office of Multicultural Affairs

(Photo courtesy By Bjørn Christian Tørrissen – Own work by uploader,, CC BY-SA 3.0, “An example of henna. The kind done at the event will likely be on hands.” Kyra Barry Connector Editor The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) hosts a cultural festival annually. This March is the first year they are hosting

Learning from Indigenous People

(Photo courtesy UMass Lowell) “Guest speaker Somnath Mukherji, an activist.” Steven O’Hara Connector Editor Rev. Dana McLean Greeley’s Speaker series continues, kicking off this 2023 semester with UMass Lowell’s first spring lecture focusing on colonial and structural violence against Indigenous people. On Thursday, February 16, Somnath Mukherji, an activist and community organizer, gave a presentation

Sheehy Hall pipe burst leaves students in the cold

(Photo Courtesy of UMass Lowell Connector) “Angular shot outside of Sheehy Hall on UMass Lowell’s South Campus.” Robert Saquet Connector Staff The severe temperature drop during the first weekend of February was felt by almost everyone in New England, with Mount Washington even reaching a record-breaking windchill of -108 F. However, student residents living in

Club spotlight: The rise of the new K-pop club on campus

(Photo courtesy ADOR, according to New Jeans’ wikipedia) “Digital cover for NewJeans’ single album OMG” Adiaris Alcala Connector Contributor The spring semester kicks off with remarkably cold weather and new faces. UMass Lowell’s various organizations and clubs are hoping to recruit these new students and welcome them into their communities. This week, there is a

LGBTQ+ Resource Center’s drag winter realness

(Photo courtesy LGBTQ+ Resource Center) “UMass Lowell’s LGBTQ+ Resource Center’s drag show is a long time popular form of expression.” Julie Sage Connector Staff The LGBTQ+ Resource Center is putting on a drag show this Friday, February 10th at 7 p.m. in University Crossing’s Maloney Hall. The theme of the show is Winter Realness, and