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Letter to the Editor: Campuses need to keep up with renewable energy

Dear Editor, In good weather on my days off, I take a stroll with my little spotted beagle and bask in the benefits of my favorite star- the sun. I watch the wind ripple through the tall grass and I marvel at the power of the sun and the wind; wondering why we’re so reliant

Verging on predatory: Edge Merrimack River’s shady marketing practices

Andrew Sciascia Connector Editor “Find Your Freedom.” Chances are, if you have been active on the UMass Lowell campus this semester you have encountered Edge Merrimack River. You’ve seen them tabling by our dining halls. You’ve heard their pitch. And chances are, if you saw the email from Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Larry Siegel

Know Your History and Shape the Future

President Donald Trump addresses a crowd. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall) Alex DePalma UMass Lowell Student Dear editor, I write to remind my fellow students of our obligation to express dissent against the xenophobia, militarism, and economic elitism of the Trump administration. Within a few weeks, the president has confirmed his loyalty to corporate interests by appointing

Opinion: Donald Trump and His Unfair Treatment

President Donald Trump was the runner-up for 2015 TIME Person of the Year award. (Courtesy of TIME Magazine) Owen Johnson Connector Staff Even well before his victory on election day, President Donald Trump has been feuding with the press and the mainstream media. The president’s antagonistic views of the press are a result of his

What Am I Doing?

Benjamin St. Pierre Connector Staff I’m an English major, and becoming this never felt like a choice. It was never something I even had to think about; there was never any internal deliberation about which major I’d choose, or even where I wanted to go to college. I never took the time to stress out

Superman vs. Goku: In Goku’s defense

Shane Foley Connector Editor Death Battle, the popular online series from Screw Attack, recently posted two episodes that baffled many fans. The goal of these episodes was to settle a long standing debate that has occupied the Internet for yeas: who would win in a fight, Superman of the DC comic universe, or Goku from