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Hawkapella showcases talent during hour-long concert

Hawkapella showcases talent during hour-long concert

With nicknames like Eric “Love Shack” Miller, Joe “Fresh Prince” Royal and Sam “Birdfeeder” Allen, how could you not love Hawkapella? Hawkapella recently hosted an hour-long concert that alternated between vocal performances of popular songs and informational slides from a PowerPoint presentation that briefly summarized the history of a certain type of music. An all-male

Philanthropy pays off for students, community

Henry St. Pierre Connector Staff The UMass Lowell Honors seminar Experimenting with Philanthropy/Birds of Change held its awards ceremony, where the Lowell Parks and Conservation Trust and Project LEARN were each awarded $5,000. These awards were given after a long semester of deliberation, debate, weighing of pros and cons, creativity, vision and learning. The two

VSA rings in Vietnamese New Year

Marlon Pitter Connector Editor The UMass Lowell Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) and the Lowell community came together to celebrate Tet in the Cumnock Hall auditorium Saturday afternoon. The event kicked off the Vietnamese New Year with music and dance performances from both members of the student association and Lowell’s Vietnamese community. VSA photographer John Tran

UMass Lowell, internships and you

Cole Fitzgerald Connector Contributor As students hit the workforce after college, many entry-level positions now ask for experience from recent graduates. With the help of English Department Internship Coordinator Diana Archibald and the Office of Career Services, UMass Lowell students can earn internships and gain the experience many employers look for. As internship coordinator, Archibald’s

Students make New Year’s resolutions

Rebecca Gates Connector Contributor New Year’s Day is a holiday known for two things: a day off from work and resolutions. People make a variety of resolutions and inevitably fall into one of two categories: the ones who keep their resolutions and the ones who don’t. What about the students at UMass Lowell? What type

Sammy Cupcakes

Sam Dangles preps and bakes thousands of desserts for UMass Lowell students at University Dining Commons in Fox Hall. (Photo by Marlon Pitter/Connector) Marlon Pitter Connector Editor “I’m gonna try to go the whole year without having a cookie,” said Sam Dangles.“I’m not really a sweets kind of guy.” Dangles, a Lowell native, wears his

Food pantry aims to assist hungry students

Ayah Awadallah Connector Staff Some people begin their days stressed and hungry, not knowing where they are going to get their next meal or how they are going to pay for it. For UMass Lowell students who are in need of food, one solution may be closer than most would think. The food pantry located

WUML Dance For Tots 2014 this Friday, Dec. 5

LOWELL − In planning their biggest show of the year, WUML has decided to rebrand this year’s “Rock for Tots” show as an EDM show. “Rock for Tots,” which benefits local charities for the holidays, is being rebranded as “Dance for Tots,” hosting a wide array of EDM artists. The show, which will be on

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