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Graduate students learn more than just planning on MFA project

Graduate students learn more than just planning on MFA project

Jessie Paskiewicz Connector Staff Amid an unusually quiet O’Leary Library, graduate students Kayleah Morrisey and Chelsea Graham fondly recounted stories about class with their advisor and professor, John Brown. “He throws lesson plans out the window. He is really radical like that. He always reminds us that there is so much more to do once

Behind the bowtie: Hawkapella’s supreme showcase

Michael Paige Connector Staff The Hawkapella fellas and the Fermata Nowhere family took center stage at University Crossing on Dec. 5 and wowed the audience with their vocals prowess. Alongside four other acapella groups from around New England, UCrossing housed a night of fun covers and original compositions. Beyond what one might have seen, acapella

ASCE impacts students, community

Courtesy of Commodore Builders Shane Foley Connector Editor The UMass Lowell Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has put their stamp on many projects on campus and in the city. They are currently mentoring students in fifth through eighth grade at the Bartlett School in Lowell. They also work with the town

The look of diversity on campus

Chantelle Somers Connector Contributor UMass Lowell students have differing opinions on campus diversity. Many student opinions surrounding diversity are intertwined with the differing ways of defining what diversity is. Leslie Wong, director of multicultural affairs at the University, said she sees students in her office who identify as diverse based on their disability, their veteran

UMass Lowell, St. Jude’s up all night for good cause

Executive Board members: Marty McGarrigle, Zachary Zuber, Caitie Horan, Kristina Murray, Allison Saffie, Kelly Horan, Sammy Marshall, Sara Mathieu & Marty Tierney. Courtesy of Greg Mahan Mike Paige Connector Staff UMass Lowell held its second annual Up ‘til Dawn event put on by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital on Nov. 14. Through fundraising and fun

South Campus’ new dining hall: What to expect when you are starving

Katrina DesRosiers Connector Editor South Campus is currently undergoing a major change in dining with the up and coming McGauvran Student Center. With this addition, there will be a new all-you-care-to-eat dining facility on the first floor, and Subway, Freshii, a bakery, café and a grab-and-go market on the second. On the third floor, there

Faceoff: Hockey vs. basketball

Courtesy Photo Ben St. Pierre Connector Staff Nobody would argue with the claim that men’s hockey is more popular than men’s basketball at UMass Lowell. Nobody would also argue with the claim that men’s hockey is the most popular sport on campus. According to official NCAA statistics from the 2014-2015 school year, UMass Lowell’s men’s

Signs for basketball fans

Michaela Hyde Connector Staff Aries: Just because you’re at a sporting event, doesn’t mean you need to start fighting. This isn’t hockey bruh, calm down. Taurus: There’s definitely not enough overpriced beer at this game. Gemini: Live tweets the game and makes sure to highlight every single missed shot, by both teams. Cancer: Actually tears

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