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Freshman perspective: UMass Lowell after seven weeks

Freshman perspective: UMass Lowell after seven weeks

Meghan Driscoll Connector Contributor  Starting college is like trying a new food. Everyone can tell you different things about it, but you have to experience it for yourself. So, here I am, giving you my perspective of what it’s like to be a freshman this year at UMass Lowell. Moving in to my residence hall,

Leaders with backpacks: ROTC members stand out at UMass Lowell

Robert Shaffer Connector Contributor To nonmember students, the uniformed cadets of UMass Lowell’s ROTC program stand apart on campus thanks to their noticeable composure, helpfulness and poise. While ROTC leadership said they keep a humble view of the program’s stature and activities, UMass Lowell nonmember students see cadets as a notable part of campus life.

‘The climate change game is over’ – Fifth annual Climate Change Teach-In

Heather Hamilton Connector Contributor “We are playing Russian roulette with your future,” said Dr. John Sterman. Sterman, a Jay W. Forrester Professor of Management and Engineering Systems at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), was one of three guest speakers at UMass Lowell’s fifth annual Climate Change Teach-In. Sterman used the analogy to explain how

University Crossing: Is it bridging the gap?

Heather Hamilton Connector Contributor The completion of the new student center, University Crossing, marks an accomplishment that was 27 years in the making, according to Assistant Dean of Students Mary Connelly. “Part of it was finding the right location,” she says. Connelly says the university tried to buy the space earlier for the College of

SGA President comments on “Share Fresh Air”

Michael Caizzi Connector Staff UMass Lowell’s recent campus-wide ban on smoking has created a great deal of controversy among students. The initiative for the ban began last fall and successfully went into effect this semester, leaving both smokers and non-smokers in confusion about its execution and enforcement. Student Government Association (SGA) president Amanda Robinson emphasized

Saboury dominates Fat Chicken Eating Contest

Marlon Pitter Connector Editor  While the other 19 contestants in the Fat Chicken Eating Contest seemed unable to hold their sandwiches, let alone eat them, Saede Saboury annihilated Suppa’s specialty sub and took home first place in the competition. Saboury, a senior finance major, said he had just eaten dinner before participating in the challenge

Jiri “George” Banacek passes away

Michael Caizzi Connector Contributor It is always a sad event when somebody dies young, especially when they’re one of our own. Jiri “George” Banacek, a man whose warm smile and delicious eggs greeted the students of South Campus at breakfast for over a decade, sadly succumbed to a battle with liver cancer at the age

River Hawk flop: Difficulty purchasing books causes rough start to semester for students, professors

Marlon Pitter Connector Editor The newly erected River Hawk Shop at University Crossing was designed to help make buying books more convenient for students, according to bookstore director Ginger Defino. While some students have found the location more easily accessible, others say have not found the new store extremely helpful. Matthew Sweeney, who is currently

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