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Four-legged inclusive housing

Four-legged inclusive housing

Courtesy of Mark Taylor Jen Desrosiers Connector Editor UMass Lowell students often talk about getting pets because although students are allowed to have fish, watching Bubbles swim in circles for hours on end can get pretty boring. Students joke about sneaking cats into the dorms (there have been students living in Riverview Suites who have

Healthy eating should not give your wallet a beating

Courtesy of The OCD Diaries Shayna Vigliotta Connector Contributor College students have become accustomed to all-nighters and the art of procrastination. Our bodies put up a fight daily to keep us going, and how do we repay them? With a bowl of ramen? A majority of college students effectively suffer from malnutrition mainly because they

Studying does not have to equal (stu)dying

Courtesy of HeyKiki Taylor Carito Connector Staff Whether it be exams, quizzes, midterms, or finals, it is hard to study for anything that is going on. In addition to that dreaded exam, students have work, sports, clubs, internships, four to five other classes and a social life. How does one find time to study without

Jack Kerouac exhibit goes on display

Among the items retrieved were one of Kerouac’s typewriters. (Photo courtesy of Michael Calamonici) Taylor Carito Connector Staff The Jack Kerouac Exhibit opened Thursday, Oct. 8, and it was no small event. The room, just to the left of the entrance with an enriching blue color, brightens and accentuates the many pieces of history that

Milk, coffee, culture and poetry

Shane Foley Connector Editor The Latin American Student Association, known as LASA, sponsored a program called Café Con Leche, a celebration of Latin culture, in University Crossing’s Moloney Hall. There were many Latin performers, food, dancing, and even Latino languages spoken at the event. It was not a requirement, however, to be Latin to attend

Lights, camera, puck drop: How to get on the video board at hockey games

Courtesy Photo Marlon Pitter Connector Editor One passionate UMass Lowell student pounded his chest in excitement during a hockey game in the 2013-14 season and landed himself on ESPN’s NCAA Men’s Ice Hockey Tournament Selection Show at the end of the year. He showed the right combination of energy, personality and creativity and made it

To rank an aesthetic: The best River Hawk jerseys

Photo courtesy of The Boston Herald Hannah Manning Connector Staff As we all know, the most important part of hockey is the jersey. Anyone could argue the importance of goals, defense and even basic rules for the game, but the true secret to a successful hockey team is their look. From Lowell Tech to UMass

What to wear: Hockey games

Courtesy of River Hawk Shop Alexia Morton Connector Contributor Fall is the season of changing leaves, cooler weather and pumpkin spice lattes. Most importantly, though, it is the beginning of hockey season. On Oct. 7 the NHL will officially begin their 2015-2016 season, marking season 98 of play. Whether you find yourself cheering on the

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