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Are UMass Lowell’s COVID guidelines enough?

Are UMass Lowell’s COVID guidelines enough?

(Photo courtesy of TIME) “Colleges across the country have varying degrees of COVID-19 measures still in place.” Julie Sage Connector Contributor Everything feels like it’s returning to normal after COVID with only a few restrictions and protocols. Many people consider COVID over and no one really needs to worry about catching it anymore. However, COVID

The impact of remote learning on elementary school students in Lowell

(Photo courtesy of Getty Images) Remote learning rose to prominence during the Covid-19 pandemic that occurred in 2020. Jessica Shomphe Connector Contributor Students in Lowell were fully online from March 2020 until April 2021. This was a trying year for teachers and students alike. In an interview, Shannon Flahive, a third grade teacher from the

The importance of equitably distributed vaccines amidst the Corona virus Pandemic

(Photo courtesy of With the Corona-virus pandemic still on going, the question and concern over the equitable distribution of the vaccine is an ever-growing and pressing issue.  Kyra Barry Connector Staff COVID-19 spurred a global pandemic that has struck the United States particularly hard. As of February 2021, cases have reached 27 million in

How remote learning is affecting higher education according to students and professors

(Photo courtesy of Ridofranz/Getty Images) Timothy Delay Connector Contributor Every aspect of human life has changed as a result of the pandemic. For students, this change is seen in-part through a web camera and a computer screen. Although some universities have begun holding in-person classes, UMass Lowell is only conducting essential lab work to be

Op-ed: Massachusetts sees a spike in COVID-19 cases and it will not stop till we do more

(CDC/Unsplash) Matthew Micale Connector Staff  As of Oct. 28, Massachusetts has had a total of 153,000 coronavirus cases. Of these cases, close to 10,000 have resulted in deaths. This past week, there was a recent spike of coronavirus cases in Massachusetts with over 1,000 new cases per day. This is amid social distancing guidelines and