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North Parking Garage to reopen after car fire

North Parking Garage to reopen after car fire

According to the Lowell Sun, the truck that started the fire was a student’s 2001 Ram 1500. No other cars were on fire. (Courtesy of the Lowell Sun) Brigid Archibald News Editor  A student’s truck caught fire on the second floor of the North Parking Garage, located behind Costello Athletic Center and next to the

City’s concerns over traffic, pedestrian plan slows progress on overlook park

Brigid Archibald Connector Editor  Pedestrians and drivers should plan ahead for delays in their commute or to change their commute in the coming weeks as construction begins on a new Northern Canal Overlook on the corner of Pawtucket Street and University Avenue. Construction of the park had been slated to begin the week of Nov.

UMass Lowell professor and alumna give student writers advice in preparation for Writers on Campus series

Serena Arora Connector Staff UMass Lowell’s “Writers on Campus Series” will be returning to campus with readings by UMass Lowell English professor Maureen Stanton and UMass Lowell alumna Diannely Antigua. The readings will be held on Nov. 12 at 5:30 p.m. in the UMass Lowell O’Leary Library Mezzanine. After the readings, there will be a

Evangelical Christians visit South Campus to spread their message about sin

(Brigid Archibald/ UMass Lowell Connector) The group came to campus on Tuesday, October 29 to spread their message about sin. Brigid Archibald Conor Dawson Connector Editors A group of Evangelical Christians came to South Campus for an annual event they call Sin Awareness Day. The group, who arrived on Tuesday, brought with them signs that read

Donation from alumni enables university to unite sustainability programs under one umbrella organization

Joanne Yestramski, left, Brian Rist, John Lebeaux and Ruairi O’Mahony at the unveiling of the Rist Urban Agriculture Farm (Jon Winkler / Lowell Sun) Brigid Archibald Connector Editor The Office of Sustainability, the Climate Change Initiative and research on clean energy and sustainability will soon come together under a new umbrella institution at UMass Lowell,

No laptops, no Uber, and definitely no phones: unique professor rules

Brigid Archibald Connector Editor This is the routine in nursing major Shanneah Manchur’s English class: As students walk into the classroom, they take out their phones, turn them off and line them up on the lip of the dry erase board. If a phone goes off? Their professor will place it on his desk and

Students create petition asking Chancellor Moloney for help to stop rising tuition rates.

Brigid Archibald Connector Editor A group of three students plan to present the Chancellor or her office with a petition with 101 student signatures, asking for her to be an ally in their fight to stop the increasing cost of tuition on campus. “We, the students of UMass Lowell, strongly believe that the repeated increase

UMass Lowell athletics unveils new student entrance at Tsongas and launches student check-in app

Brigid Archibald Connector Editor  Returning Students who are not apart of residence life and had not been to a game since the school year started were met with a surprise when they arrived at the Tsongas Center for the first hockey game of the school year on Friday, Oct. 4. A new student entrance and

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