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How Covid adjustments have been going and the future of transportation going forward

How Covid adjustments have been going and the future of transportation going forward

(Photo courtesy of UMass Lowell) Due to the low number of students, there has been a low number of shuttles in operation, leading to the shuttles cutting down their services. Merrick Tull-Johnson Connector Contributor With COVID surging through the U.S., the survival tactic became “adjust.” UMass Lowell has been the epitome of “adjust” since COVID

UMass Lowell’s late-night transportation: A truly student-driven service

UMass Lowell’s transportation service is largely operated by students in the late evening hours (Courtesy of UMass Lowell) Brigid Archibald Connector Editor After a long night at the library, most students do not give the shuttle ride back to their dorm much thought. They are apt to board the bus, greet the driver and then

“It actually hasn’t been that bad:” Red Line’s rerouting positive overall

Students at South Campus board a Red Line shuttle bound for East Campus. (Courtesy of Transportation Services) Hannah Manning Connector Editor At the tail end of the summer, UMass Lowell was presented with a huge problem: the reconstruction of the Pawtucket Street bridge on East Campus. Although the bridge had fallen into disrepair with several

Students voice their thoughts on returning/coming to UMass Lowell

Mary Connell Connector Staff It’s already mid-September and everyone at UMass Lowell has mostly settled into their routines. For freshmen, time management ranging from daily homework to catching the bus and arriving to class on has been quickly integrated into their daily schedules. The social opportunities that come with living with so many other students