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A SadFish lifestyle: Two students following their dreams

A SadFish lifestyle: Two students following their dreams

The official logo for SadFish clothing company. (Courtesy of SadFish) Alex Salucco Connector Editor Creating an original clothing line is one of the most competitive fields in terms of businesses, but two local college students have managed to gain a following for their minimalistic looks, cheap prices and passion. Matt Caruccio and Lukas Narkevicius of Danvers,

How to overcome being a freshman

Evanthia Tully Connector Staff Surviving the first year college can be tough, but is not impossible. Upperclassmen know what it is like to be in the shoes of a first-year student and what it takes to make it successful. Associate Director of Residence Life Joy Schmelzer, who is also an expert in first year experience,

Finding the ‘write’ way at UMass Lowell

Ben St. Pierre Connector Staff To write is to communicate. The skill of being able to communicate effectively can go a long way in students’ lives upon graduating, whether they enter graduate school or the full-time workforce. Writing is an essential part of any career. Even if a job’s daily tasks are not focused around

Faculty and students show their acceptance

Ariah Murphy Connector Contributor One of the greatest things about this country is freedom. The idea that one is free to pursue any dream, work hard and become successful is what makes this melting pot a destination for many. Unfortunately, there seems to be an undeniable divide among this nation’s people. Acts of bias, intimidation

More tables, better prizes, bigger event: Gambling After Dark steps up their game big time

(from left to right) Teresa Santana, Jon Rodgers, John Romano and Nicole Hamel made up last year’s e-board. (Courtesy of John Romano) Shane Foley Connector Editor Occuring for the fourth year in a row, the event many have come to know as Gambling After Dark has undergone a huge makeover. This year’s event will host

Great treats for fans at games

Shane Foley Connector Editor Amongst the many bullets on Men’s and Women’s Basketball’s to do list this year will certainly be to raise their attendance numbers. While the few games last year at the Tsongas Center were played to large home crowds, Costello Gym has traditionally had a rougher time getting students through the door.

Expected attendance increase for basketball teams

Taylor Carito Connector Editor As both the men’s and women’s teams continue to establish themselves in Division I basketball, more and more people are drawn to games to support them. Support and attendance are continuing to grow, and more and more games are expected to be moved to the Tsongas Center to accommodate the numbers.

Financial impact of UMass Lowell basketball

Syeda Nizami Connector Contributor UMass Lowell’s recent purchase of Perkins Park Complex right next to the Tsongas Center which places about 700 students right next to the Tsongas Center, where many of UMass Lowell’s games take place, in particular ice hockey and basketball. UMass Lowell’s NCAA Division I ice hockey team is known to draw

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